Tuesday, March 17, 2009


Where do I find the word to tell the tale of the sheer grip of emotions? All the time I've spent on contemplation, the resulting joy, the outrage, the sense of victory, the helplessness - How do I describe them? Never were they so intense before. Can you fathom how it feels to dwindle between the extremes? Extremes... That's something I always avoided. Now face to face with it, its a journey I'm taking that only few know of... Did I have an option to avoid it? No! I had to know it, make it my friend, be with it. Someday my friend, someday I'd tell you, and that day I hope, you have the strength to know it too, for I am living it today, lacking words, in my esctatic state of mind...

Tuesday, February 17, 2009


Q: How to keep your guests guessing?

A: Tell them: "No formalities, please"

Saturday, February 07, 2009

A look into the 'True present'

It’s precisely because light has a finite speed, and our nervous systems are slower, the accident you just saw, actually happened just fractions of the second before you saw it. And by that measure, you have taken an eternity to realize that it was, in fact, an accident.

So is it not correct to say that you are looking at your world, as it was, a fraction of a second ago?

There's a time-lag involved between the
true-present and perceived-present. Mathematically, it can be described thus:

t = (d/C) + n,

't' is the time-lag between the true-present and perceived-present,
'C' is the speed of light (always constant)
'd' is the distance the reflected light had to travel to reach your eye and (can be a fixed value)
'n' is the sum of time taken by your eye, optic nerves and brain to 'see' the image (variable).

This time-lag however, is unnoticeable, and insignificant to us humans. But if we delve into this little time-lag, some fascinating concepts arise.

How does the person with nervous system slower than that of yours see the world?
He would be farther from the
true present than you are, back in time.

And if your nervous system is faster than that of his, then you are seeing things happen even before the other person
sees them. If you could relay to him what you see within that small fractional difference of time, then you could claim that you are looking into his future! But in any case, you yourself, are still looking at the things of the past...

Thus, to look into the 'true present', theoretically, what barriers must we break? Speed of the light? speed of our nervous system? What else?

Thursday, February 05, 2009

Suicide: Absence of hope

When the policeman entered the house, he found that all the luxuries of life were in place, intact, before he beheld the woman hanging from the ceiling with a crumbled paper in her hand. When he was done reading it, he muttered to himself ‘Alas! If only she had hoped!!’

Wednesday, February 04, 2009

To try or not to try

Me parroting about valentine's:
"To love and lose is better than not loving at all"

My friend (married man):
"But to love and win is worse than not loving at all"


ஆயிரம் தான் கண்ணு கூர்மையா தெரிந்தாலும்,
தன் மூக்கு முடியை கண்ணாடில தான் பாக்கணும்!!

Thursday, January 01, 2009

Hurrah! It's 2009

Now I'm officially in the year 2009. While the change of year in my calendar does not necessarily change anything for me, but it is like a birth of a new year.. New...

2008 was quite an eventful year for me. With lots of trekking, travelling, and success at work, I am immensely satisfied with 2008. On the same note, I have a strange nervous excitement for the year 2009. In order to make it better than 2008, perhaps, I'd have to do different things all over again, or do thing differently, but what must not change is the aim of ultimate satisfaction in doing anything.

So here I am, after partying hard, almost mute, and almost deaf (temporarily), starting my great march into yet another year. I'm already feeling good about the year 2009, as I'm unaware of what lies ahead of me... Now that's a feel good factor! :)

Wish you a very happy new year too! :-)

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Time Travel - Back to Childhood

After 17 years of parting from them, I am on a pursuit of my school mates. All 5th graders when we parted.

With the passing of time, much has been forgotten. The name of my primary school is changed now to something new I don't know. Names have been forgotten. Faces have changed, and at the faint chance of stumbling across their passport-size photos, I'd have to rely on my fading memory to identify them. No social networking site has this facility of '5th grade batch of 1991'. Not all would have the same or similar technology at their disposal as I have. Not all would post their contact details in public domain. Conventional networking sites haven’t been of any help!

Few names that I do remember are the names that are quite common ones, and there are thousands that come up in google. Phew!

I’m sure they are out there. Something eventful has been happening in each every one of their lives through all these years. Every one of them, after leaving the school would have devoted at-least one second of their lives looking back at our school…

Mind racing... They must have done their 10th and 12th standards somewhere at the same time as I did... Some would have done their graduation...

I wonder how many of them would have tried to reach me, or are still trying to find me and others.

With a bag-load of old stories of 5th grade, few hazy faces, and even few names, I’ve set out to find them. Let’s see how many I manage to trace. What’s going to keep me on this pursuit is the very thought of seeing the expressions on their faces when we finally meet!